Fuel your team like never before by unlocking the power of conversation

Is your Company...

Dealing with Layoffs?

Managing Part-time and Remote work?

Solving Niche Technical Problems?

  • Smaller teams overwhelmed and managing large-sized projects

  • Smaller teams overwhelmed and managing large-sized projects

  • Repetitive work due to loss of informal data

  • Long onboarding time leading to high costs

  • Confused part timers using fragmented data to understand operational processes

  • Due to COVID-19, remote work is essential but orgs are unable to train virtually

  • Technical solutions LOST in either email archives and other informal data hubs

  • Lack of understanding on how to communicate your org's expertise internally

  • Loss of competitive advantage driven by technical staff turnarounds


Relax friend.

Bluejarvis can help.

Every organization (big or small) spends time, money and effort in training, on-boarding and developing your knowledge workers.


Bluejarvis is here to cement the knowledge gaps in companies caused by layoffs and staff turnarounds.


We analyze past and present informal data through context provided by your employees and turn the analysis into actionable items used to better serve your team and clients.

2. Dancing with Data


We analyze the informal data sitting within your emails. Through the interviews, Bluejarvis will have discovered relevant content, networks, and subject matter experts. Combining these insights with our analytics gives your company high visibility into your people and projects

100+ topics identified

Tone and sentiment analysis

Categorization of knowledge types

1. Mind of an Expert 


Knowledge is personal, embedded deep in your psyche, and truly unleashed when you're comfortable. Through our one-on-one interviews, bluejarvis can discover, capture and share knowledge of your core employees faster than ever before

2-8 hours of interview time with your company's experts

Researched proprietary interview questions

Provide social institutional and relational context to all your processes and projects

3. The Tangibles 


A detailed report on your past and present informal data and expertise. This report works as a how-to guide for your organization's expertise shaped by your people's in-person and offline conversations. This is our take on augmented intelligence

Easily implement your expertise

Curated for your organization

Weekly updates right to your inbox


How does this affect your bottom line?

What does it cost you?

Bluejarvis is currently beta testing it's solution with organizations. We're constantly developing and working on new metrics to measure successful implementations of our program. Currently, we estimate our beta test will allow you to:

Meet client targets by 80% or higher with your current work force 


Reduce average on-boarding time by 75%

Increase total number of clients by 10% every quarter

The Bluejarvis team promises to meet one of the three estimates stated. If we fail to do so, we can't give you your time but we guarantee your money back. An average engagement can take around 80 hours at a value of $3995 CAD.

40-45 hours of interviews and prep time


40-45 hours of analysis

20-22 hours preparation of final report

Worried about privacy?



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