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Industries We Serve

Technical (Manufacturing & Construction)

Traditional technical industries like engineering, law, energy, and manufacturing hire professionals with rich past experiences. These experiences are enriched by their past learning, conversations with colleagues and fact patterns developed specific to their cases, clients or projects. To help these professionals train and serve clients, Bluejarvis can help by:

  • Capturing and connecting the knowledge of baby boomers and experienced professionals through a context based analysis focused on communication data
  • Determining the informal context behind business decisions and it's impact on projects
  • Sharing multiple levels of experience and project outputs in easily digestible summaries


The non-profit sector serves others at a strain to themselves. Many hours are spent analyzing video or audio transcripts, reviewing large document sets and conversing with donors and clients. Bluejarvis can help by:

  • Reducing time required for analysis by creating summaries
  • Use of your non-profit's framework to dissect and analyze qualitative data
  • Review your expert's conversations regarding a donor or client to create knowledge profiles shareable among teams

Public Sector

The public sector hosts some of the most experienced workers that have contributed lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience to shape a given branch or process. In recent years, it's become difficult for employees to go for vacations, be successful at internal moves or serve clients effectively by using all the information regarding an individual case or client. Bluejarvis can help by:

  • Creating an institutional knowledge hub of "how to's" of all core past and present employees.
  • Analyzing years of archived and present communication data shared by colleagues
  • Removing disconnect by linking relevant context and communication data related to a single project or client.