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Bluejarvis Industries

Access the industry needs we serve below.

  • Knowledge Management Problems We Can Solve
    Our proprietary process allows your organization to address the following challenges: Lack of access to the expert-level knowledge Time wasted repeating mistakes due to gaps in project reviews and oversight Layoffs and staff turnarounds which create knowledge gaps for remaining and new team members Proper organization and dissemination of an organization's or team's current knowledge Access to practical knowledge to address common business challenges
  • Process Overview
    We analyze past and present informal data provided by your key players to identify major knowledge gaps. Our analyses then provides your organization with an overview of these gaps, actionable items to increase your operational efficiency, and the key performance indicators to measure performance and continually make better business decisions.
  • Process Beginnings: Interviews
    Knowledge is personal, embedded deep in your psyche, and truly unleashed when you're comfortable. Through our one-on-one interviews, Bluejarvis can discover, capture and share knowledge of your core employees faster than ever before. Recorded interviews with your company's experts Researched proprietary interview questions Provided social, organizational and relational context to all your processes and projects
  • Process Intermediary: Text Analyses
    We analyze the informal data sitting within your emails. Through the interviews, Bluejarvis will have discovered relevant content, networks, and subject matter experts. Combining these insights with our analytics gives your company high visibility into your people and projects. 100+ topics identified Identify crucial networks Categorization of knowledge types
  • Process Completion: Digital Reports & Customized Solutions
    A detailed report on your past and present informal data and expertise hosted online. This report works as a how-to guide for your organization's expertise shaped by your people's in-person and offline conversations. This report also maps out infastrucuture your team will adopt to make use of the newly captured knowledge on a pratical, day-to-day basis. Our solutions include infastructure in the following formats: A high-level digital report which acts as the centralized hub of knowledge for your organization Expert knowledge systems including expert guides made on specific topics Document management systems to organize and access multiple organizational processes, archived and active project reports, and product and service manuals and quick guides Customer-facing support systems in the form of FAQs, tutorials, and guides to improve customer relations Technological integrations to help automate capturing and transferring future knowledge
  • Securing Privacy in Your Business Knowledge
    Bluejarvis analyzes communication and conversational data, so it is important to let you know what steps we're taking to be as secure as possible. Here is how we're complying with the principles set forward by The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.
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