The Bluejarvis Software

Once we've completed our interviews and downloaded your informal data, we dive into the analysis of your informal knowledge. Our software works towards the following:

Identifying Technical and Corporate Topics

Training and Remote Work

Through our interview and analysis, your team and company's most embedded topics will be generated and linked. All email and video data feeding into a single topic will be curated and listed to be easily shared by your team.

Identifying Networks

Training, Internal Expertise and Remote work

Identify independent and dependent work and client relationships. We determine their frequency and connectivity across projects. Leverage years of social capital and business relationship knowledge built by your current and past teams.

Classifying Knowledge Types

Training, Internal Expertise and Categorize Expertise

By analyzing sentence structures and their nuances, it is easy to classify how your team communicates. This communication can be categorized into subject matter expertise knowledge (SMEK) or corporate knowledge (CK). In the case of email specific analysis, each email will be categorized into 5 distinct categories identifying specific ways in which a team member shares information.

Interested in some use cases? 


Hospitality Industry

This refers to all hotels, restaurants, motels and other short or long term rentals. Staff turnover is one of the biggest problems within the hospitality industry due to the seasonal nature of the work. This movement of staff causes a loss of the institutional and relationship-based knowledge for the business. Bluejarvis can help by:

Defining the expertise and execution required for each part of the guest experience. Capture exact words, tones and types of knowledge required for an excellent guest experience. Increase customers through consistent performance reinforced by our report

Quickly onboard (remotely) new staff and get them ready for in-person work

Traditional Technical Industries

Traditional technical industries like engineering, law, energy, and information technology hire professionals with deep past experiences. These experiences are enriched by their past learning, conversations with colleagues and fact patterns developed specific to their cases, clients or projects. To help these professionals train and serve clients, Bluejarvis can help by: 

Determining the informal context behind each discussion and document as you onboard new staff members. All team members have access to the most recent email discussion and it's connection to any past/current case or client

Connect all email data regarding a single case or client. Share it with your entire team 

Public Sector

The public sector hosts some of the most experienced workers that have contributed lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience to shape a given branch or process. In recent years, it's become difficult for employees to go for vacations, be successful at internal moves or serve clients effectively by using all the information regarding an individual case or client. Bluejarvis can help by:

Analyzing years of archived data shared by colleagues over email. Clearly categorize past and existing expertise for all projects and processes

Removing disconnect between different government arms by linking all email data related to a single project or client



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