Your privacy is in secure hands

Bluejarvis analyzes communication and conversational data, so it is important to let you know what steps we're taking to be as secure as possible. Here is how we're complying with the principles set forward by The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada



We are responsible for setting and ensuring all privacy policies around data gathered, analyzed and shared is followed. We are all up to date with current privacy data requirements and follow stringent internal policies


Identifying Purpose 


Bluejarvis will walk you through exactly what's been collected and why. Our beta test is innovative, and your team will be in the loop throughout our engagement


You will always have the final say about your data and you and your team will have a consent form signed at the beginning of our engagement



All data captured will be stored for the duration of the analysis on one of our team's computer. Once analyzed, information will be immediately transferred over to you and deleted within1-8 weeks of our team's last contact with you or your organization 


Limiting Collection



Depending on the type and depth of analysis being done, Bluejarvis will mostly collect only email content while ensuring data that can be used to identify specific individuals either immediately deleted or only used with prior consent

The Bluejarvis team will capture data as accurately as possible. Given that our technology focuses on informal conversations and data, expert interviews are very important in providing correct context and will be reviewed extensively with participating companies 


Limiting use

All data, if repurposed, will go through new consent requirements. Data will have a standard retention policy of 2 months after a contract has ended. Data will only be analyzed by a single team from start to finish to ensure limited access to confidential information


Individual Access

You can request access to the data we have on you or your organization at all times



This page provides a sample of our internal policies on accountability, consent, data capture and retention. We are transparent and willing to explore all privacy concerns you may have and share all the processes we have in place so far


Challenging Compliance

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Shay at She is responsible for our team's compliance to our privacy policy and will take care of any inquires you might have




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