The Bluejarvis Process

Once we've completed our interviews and downloaded your informal data, we dive into the analysis of your informal knowledge. Our process works in three steps:

1. Expert Interviews 


Knowledge is personal, embedded deep in your psyche, and truly unleashed when you're comfortable. Through our one-on-one interviews, Bluejarvis can discover, capture and share knowledge of your core employees faster than ever before

Recorded interviews with your company's experts

Researched proprietary interview questions

Provide social,institutional and relational context to all your processes and projects

2. Text Analysis


We analyze the informal data sitting within your emails. Through the interviews, Bluejarvis will have discovered relevant content, networks, and subject matter experts. Combining these insights with our analytics gives your company high visibility into your people and projects

100+ topics identified

Identify crucial networks

Categorization of knowledge types

3. Digital Report


A detailed report on your past and present informal data and expertise hosted online. This report works as a how-to guide for your organization's expertise shaped by your people's in-person and offline conversations. 

Easily implement your expertise

Curated for your organization

Weekly updates right to your inbox

What's after the beta?


Through our beta process, we hope to automate processes through knowledge unique to your company. Our beta would build products that can:

  • Automate employee knowledge retention

  • Create advanced digital assistants with expertise in technical information specific to your company

  • Provide location, task or project specific guided journeys from historical information 

  • Allow businesses to apply our cost -effective AI powered smart employees

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