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Bluejarvis Process

We analyze text data available in documents, communication platforms, and audio/video-based communication. Our analyses provides your organization with a complete, human-centric understanding of your core corporate strategies. 

Process Beginnings: What is Important to You?

We work with your team to understand your unique communication styles and business goals. Do you primarily use email or slack, have too many meeting minutes or rely on that one expert for your daily work? Once we understand what gets you going, we can map out how to best help your team.


Process Completion: Implementing the analysis

Defined by your most important business goals, our final output will list the next steps uncovered by your past and present communication. 


Process Intermediary:

Text Analyses

Based on conversations and initial evaluation of your data, we create the appropriate context to analyze all the information you've provided. This text gets grouped into knowledge buckets, evaluated for tone, and mapped for key relationships.


Securing Privacy in Your Business Knowledge

Bluejarvis analyzes communication and conversational data, so it is important to let you know that we're complying with the principles set forward by The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.

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