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Bluejarvis can help.

Every business spends time, money and effort in training, on-boarding and developing the knowledge of their new hires or staff transitioning into new roles. 

Bluejarvis is here to cement the knowledge gaps in companies caused by:

  • Lack of access to the expertise which is bottle-necked by industry or company experts

  • Lack of time for busy decision makers and management

  • Layoffs and staff turnarounds.

We analyze past and present informal data through key insights provided by your key players and turn the analysis into actionable items used to increase operational efficiency and give your team 24/7 access to expert knowledge.

Solving Niche Technical Problems?

  • Do you spend most of your time shuffling past information around to new staff?

  • Are you efficiently capturing the product knowledge of your key manufacturing experts?

  • Are you confused about what process to automate because all your processes are in an employee’s brain?

  • Are you overwhelmed with emails and can’t locate context of conversations with clients?

  • Is your client tired of multiple touch-points with your technical team?

Construction Workers

Managing Part-time and Remote work?

  • Is your team spending too much time repeating and sharing information about a client?

  • Is your technical team young, inexperienced and working remotely?

  • Are your client relationships deteriorating due to remote work?

  • Are you trying to create policies for remote work?

  • Is your team taking too much time closing a single case because of the lack of contextual information due to part time work?

Video Conference

Dealing with Layoffs?

  • Are you worried about your retiring workforce?

  • Are you having a hard time dealing with labour turnover during COVID-19?

  • Are you understaffed and trying to function at the same capacity as before COVID-19?

  • Are your vendor or client relationships deteriorating due to layoffs?

  • Are you worried about the loss of knowledge becuase of layoffs due to COVID-19?


How does this affect your bottom line?

What does it cost you?


Bluejarvis is currently beta testing it's solution with organizations. We're constantly developing and working on new metrics to measure successful implementations of our process. Currently, we estimate our beta test will allow you to:

The Bluejarvis team promises to meet one of the three estimates stated. If we fail to do so, we can't give you your time but we guarantee your money back. An average engagement can take around 100 hours at a value of $3995 CAD.

Reduce workload and overtime of over-worked staff by 50%*


Reduce average on-boarding time of technical staff by 50% to 75%*

Reduce contract work by 50%*


40-45 hours of interviews and prep time


40-45 hours of analysis

20-22 hours preparation of final report

Metrics differ from business to business. Need consultation*

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