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Don’t just engage with your stakeholders, ideate with them

Collab is an innovative ideation platform to increase employee and public engagement

Three people surrounded around the word IDEA and there's a lightbulb above the "I" in IDEA

With this customized ideation program, your team can grow engagement goals and ensure all their voices are heard

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Problem-solving at scale: Instead of closing off issues that affect multiple stakeholders, creating an idea campaign to solicit ideas from teams across different functions allows for unique methods of problem-solving that are budget friendly.

Why Ideation?

Ideas by everyone for everyone: Ideas allow you to think creatively about problems close to you and your daily work. Through ideation, criticism turns constructive and allows for collaboration to promote positive problem solving.

Two people holding an idea box. A box with a lightbulb on it.

All voices heard: Coming up with an idea is a ubiquitous action that everyone has taken part in during their lives. Ideation allows you to engage informally with communities of all types and sizes.

Two people holding a lightbulb.
A person holding a lightbulb flag or an idea flag. A flag with a lightbulb on it.

Gamification for the win: Through digital tools, ideation can involve likes, shares, public comments, and linked rewards to increase awareness and engagement. Successful ideas showcased provides fuel for future ideas, leading to good content and self-moderation.

Ideation for Employee Engagement

Engage employees through campaigns on key topics across your organization. Campaigns can be department specific such as a municipal issue of the moment or tied in with the goals of the executive team of the organization.

  • Be notified of engagements with your idea directly through your email or within the application itself
    their ideas are being validated

  • Set an idea through a specific status and let the idea submitter know

  • Automatically analyze ideas submitted through the application and review the idea count, statuses issued, count of likes, comments, shares, and all content of the idea

Three business people with briefcases and ties. The middle person has an idea/lightbulb on his head.
Five people around a lightbulb trying to plug it in but they all look confused as there is no outlet. There is a lightbulb with a plug and a person on a chair holding the plug.

Ideation for Public Engagement

Engage citizens or residents on key issues through idea campaigns focused on your topic of interest. All citizens can access the tool through a special access code and can engage with a timed campaign by submitting ideas as themselves or anonymously

  • Moderate ideas and ask leading questions to ensure ideas capture your thoughts and opinions of the ideas submitted

  • Set statuses of ideas to let the public know their voices have been heard. Use specific statuses and let the idea submitter know their ideas are being validated

  • Built-in analytics can help you analyze and report on all submitted ideas. Analyze ideas submitted through the application and review the idea count, statuses issued, count of likes, comments, shares, and all content of the idea

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Our team has built the City of Edmonton a customized ideation program that complements your engagement needs and uses our Collab platform to digitize ideation and ensure it's budget-friendly

A yellow iMac mockup of Collab's website. The website shows the homepage which contains the feed of all ideas, a menu bar on the side that has my feed, my ideas, campaigns, notifications, settings, and the log out button

The ideation program involves:

  • Developing methods to generate the right campaign

  • Develop the perfect scoring methodologies to review your idea

  • Communication and engagement plan with idea submitters

City Staff

Projects Implemented

Ideas Reviewed

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