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Artificial Intelligence Models

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Bluejarvis Technologies has created Artificial Intelligence (AI) - powered algorithms to review and analyze feedback from open ended surveys and other text based sources.

The role of AI in text analytics is to improve, accelerate, and automate the exploration and discovery of data and insights from a large body of unstructured text.

Bluejarvis extracts knowledge from unstructured data, such as social media platforms, emails, interview transcripts, and other related data sources. The team has applied natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) techniques to ascertain content and context behind the text analyzed.

Bluejarvis’s Six Guiding Principles for AI

For each project undertaken, our team collectively embeds the following principles into the development and deployment for our AI-powered processes:

Human in the Loop

We are committed to building solutions that empower and augment the talents of diverse stakeholders. Our aim is to design from a human-centered perspective that derives intuition, context, and knowledge for each project.

Privacy and Security

We are committed to data protection and privacy at the core of every service and solution. Communication is a core value, and we are clear with our clients on how, why, where, and when their data is used.

Fairness and Inclusivity

We are committed to removing bias and ensuring that our project team has a deep understanding of every project embarked upon. Aim to hire inclusively and design solutions rooted in diverse opinions and perspectives.


We are committed to creating solutions that are held to specific industry and regulatory standards as deemed necessary by each project. Our clients are at the core of our solutions, and the capability, intended purpose, technical capacity and intended usage of each solution is clearly communicated to our clients. Our users and clients will always remain central and in control of the solutions we build.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to designing and developing fit-for-purpose solutions that meet specifications and are thoroughly tested for each client scenario. Accuracy is critical for our clients and us. While we understand that the survey relies on an open-link where anyone can complete the survey (multiple times if they wish), our quality assurance will entail the following:

  • Review of data to ensure duplicates are removed

  • Review of invalid responses

  • Review of inconsistent data entries

  • We will identify any abnormalities and inform Alberta Education before action is taken on how to deal with such entries.

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Impact Aware

We are committed to identifying and documenting relevant information on the use of our AI and its impact on business processes through automation and efficiency. Our aim is a sustainable future to empower workers and their organizations.

Using AI models created by Bluejarvis to analyze text and survey results leads to:

  1. Improved Data Accuracy and Consistency: AI-powered text analysis algorithms can quickly and accurately process large amounts of data, detecting patterns and trends in the text, eliminating human error, and increasing the consistency of data analysis.

  2. Enhanced Insights and Understanding: AI algorithms can provide deep insights into customer feedback and preferences, uncover hidden trends and relationships, and provide a more complete picture of customer satisfaction and needs.

  3. Increased Efficiency and Speed: The use of AI in text analysis eliminates the time-consuming and manual process of manual coding and data analysis, providing faster and more accurate results, and allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions more quickly. This can lead to improved customer engagement, better decision-making, and improved outcomes.

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Say goodbye to manual data analysis and hello to intelligent insights

Unlock the power of your survey results with AI and transform your business strategies today

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