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Jumpstart your career as an internationally trained health professional

Ally is the career decision-making tool that guides internationally trained graduates to alternative Canadian careers

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Get access to diverse career choices and mentors that are in tune with your interests


Career Options


The Questionnaire

The Ally questionnaire is created by career advisors that have years of experience assisting internationally trained professionals transitioning to new careers in Canada. Our team works with your advisors to create the questionnaire in your voice, ensuring that your knowledge and experience in assisting internationally trained graduates are captured.

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How does it work?

The questionnaire works on identifying interests, willingness to pursue education, and seniority of roles you desire. Based on your answers, Ally will provide your top options and run through more than a million LinkedIn profiles to connect you with your perfect mentor!

Ally Career Page

How does Ally work for organizations?

Our aim is to fuel current advisors by providing a digital questionnaire that automatically captures client interests and emails their top recommended alternative career choices straight to you.

Your client can take the questionnaire multiple times and connect with you directly once they have questions about accessing your resources or advisors.

Ally also provides your career advisors with a customized list of potential mentors based on top career choices recommended to the client. This curated list of potential mentors broadens your organization's existing pool of mentor relationships with a click of a button!

Are you an internationally trained medical graduate (IMGs) looking for an alternative career option within the medical industry?
Because we are looking for you!


Our team has partnered with AIMGA to build the first version of Ally for IMGs arriving or already in Canada

Join our pilot and test our tool for free

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