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5 Automated Solutions for Improving Internal Engagement and Customer Communication

It’s hard to continuously improve communication on all fronts as a leader. You’re busy trying to run your company, focusing on the long-term health and growth of the business. This big picture thinking while necessary, usually takes away from the day-to-day collaboration with your employees as well as communication with your customers.

In this blog, we’ve listed out our top five automated tips with software options to improve internal communication and external communication without taking away from your day to day.

Option 1: Problem Management

Problems and crisis management should be at the forefront of your automation strategy. Automating doesn’t necessarily mean only using machines, but it means increasing the speed, quality, and efficiency of these problems.

Queue the two-solution policy. This strategy is a way to bring all viable solutions to the table from applicable team members, fast. In the event of a problem or crisis, each team member associated with the problem is required to bring two solutions to the table. This is great way to increase engagement from your team and automation can play in a role in delivery of information. Implementing a chat tool with a group dedicated to problem support where all solutions can be stated and reviewed means there’s no need for a time-sucking meeting and solutions can be implemented right away!

Option 2: Adopting a Digital Open Door Policy

While having an open-door and dedicating time specifically to team inquiries is great, not all team members are going to be extroverted enough to have a face-to-face conversion, even though their input could be value.

Utilizing an anonymous discord tool or a digital whiteboard app for brainstorm collaboration (e.g. jamboard) where team members can all write down their ideas and add to each suggestion is a great way to automate engagement.

Option 3: Incentivizing Business Goals

The bottom line is the most important aspect of a business in the eyes of leadership (followed by culture and operations). Quite frankly, employees will not be as engaged or motivated in the overall success of a company as they are only one piece of the puzzle and it takes an entire team to achieve large business goals.

In order to increase individual productivity and automate engagement, leadership should look at the situation from the employee's perspective and understand that they need individual quotas, goals, and milestones to hit in order to know how they are contributing to the bigger picture.

Establishing weekly, monthly, and quarterly milestones with clearly defined and guaranteed incentives for individuals increases their motivation to hit the business goals that affect the bottom line. As a leader, you can automate these check-ins by setting key performance indicators using productivity apps and scheduling tools with your team.

Option 4: Adopting an Internal Knowledge Hub

It’s not a secret that two heads are better than one when it comes to the success of a business. By this logic, creating a collective intelligence comprised of expert-level information and giving this hub company wide access means skyrocketing automated engagement.

The internal knowledge hub would include functionalities of a searchable question and answer tool for each department, regularly scheduling training based on data gathered from previous projects, and internal topical content accessible across collaborating divisions. Software such as make this possible for internal teams and external customer support processes.

Option 5: Omni-Channel Customer Support Systems

Customer support is the foundation of a positive brand reputation and gold mine for strengthening product and service iterations via feedback. That’s why implementing instant response systems, ticket systems, omni-channel client inquiry capabilities and robust FAQs are excellent, automated ways to spark customer engagement and feedback.

Utilizing customer feedback tool such as allows customer support teams to not only communicate with customers, but assess and evaluate customer interactions and deliver actionable data for future customer engagement in an automated manner.

Automation with a Hands-Off Approach

If you're looking to optimize team collaboration, customer engagement, and productivity but don't have the time to apply the above automated solutions, book a no-cost consultation strategy with Bluejarvis now:


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