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Our Top 5 Knowledge Software Recommendations

Over the last month, we have disseminated information on how to create your knowledge management and knowledge engagement strategy, but that is only half of the battle.

(If you’re still looking for the first part of the equation, get instant access to our knowledge management strategy guide here.)

Executing your strategy in a streamlined manner requires the help of knowledge management software, so we are sharing our top 5 recommendations of software for your team to utilize.


Guru gives your organization the ability to organize and access company information anywhere, anytime.

Some of the highlighted features include its AI capabilities to remove duplicated content and intelligent suggestions in real-time based on internal conversations among the team.

Access it here:


This software is great for organizations using Salesforce and are looking for realtime collaboration amongst internal team members.

As an extension of Salesforce, it should be used as a productivity platform for your documents, spreadsheets, slides, and chat which prevent information silos.

Access it here:

Bitrix 24

Bitrix is an open-source knowledge management software which is great for organization’s looking for the highest level of customization for their knowledge hub and developers on hand.

This software provides “a single ecosystem” for your organization and can replace your communication, project management, CRM, contact centre, and website platforms.

Access it here:

Intelligence Bank

Intelligence Bank is a sales and marketing focused knowledge management software that touts the ability to give granular permission to knowledge access for organizations seeking a way to increase speed to information access while maintaining privacy of sensitive knowledge.

Use this software to gain customer insight, manage cases in your legal team, and create a client facing portal for client management.

Access it here:


If you’re organization heavily relies on your IT team, you should consider ServiceNow. This software allows your IT team to conduct a smoothie workflow on a single platform.

Take advantage of automation through software that identifies and resolves issues on its own to free up your tech team.

Access it now:


As with any knowledge management software, do your due diligence to ensure it is right for your team and your organization. And if you’re looking avoid information overload, book a consultation with Bluejarvis to get your strategy and software recommendations up and running by visiting


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